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KJ Oil absorbents

KJ Supply offers a range of easy-to-handle oil absorbents to absorb oil without soaking water. Polypropylene absorbents are the fastest, safest and most cost effective way to remove oil waste.

The absorbents are delivered in different variants and designs to suit the current challenge, they are specialized polypropylene pads, rags, stockings, sheets, mats, rolls, socks, pillows, and barriers. Socks are a highly absorbent hose, for example used to contain, absorb or prevent the risk of oil pollution. Rollers and mats are often used on workshop floors and under machines, etc.

KJ Supply's standard collection of polypropylene absorbents covers virtually any need in the industry and at workshops. In addition, the assortment includes a range of specialty products for use in the maritime industry, as well as a number of emergency kits that ensure that the right absorbents are always available at the workplace.

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