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Glutton® - 100% Electric city vacuum cleaner

Glutton 2411 100% Elektrisk

An significant asset for urban cleanliness 

Glutton i Byen

Glutton® Glutton® modernizes and streamlines cleaning agents and contributes to an environmentally friendly image in the city.
Since its launch in Denmark, August 2016, Aibenraa, Albertslund, Sønderborg, Haderslev, Vejle, Region Hospital Randers and University of Copenhagen have chosen Glutton® - In total, over 5,000 cities in Europe and the whole world have already chosen Glutton®.
  • The primary goal of Glutton® is to equip cleaning agents with an efficient and user-friendly tool that makes them feel more valued.
  • Glutton® changes the public's perception of "street sweepers" and the city's cleaning.
  • Glutton® can be used everywhere where there is waste on the ground: sidewalks, streets, alleys, public places, markets, parking spaces, bicycles, halls, premises, platforms, train stations, wood grid, etc. Everywhere, in fact, where sweeping is inconvenient and ineffective.
Glutton® can be used on all types of soil: concrete, asphalt, paving, lawn, sand etc.

Glutton suger på alle typer af overflader

  • Glutton® vacuums any type of waste that can pass through a 12.5 cm tube: paper, cardboard, cigarette packs and shutters, cans and glasses, plastic and metal bottles, dog feces, faded leaves, trash trapped by wood lattice, wood, steel and aluminum tiles etc.
  • For larger waste, the Glutton® is equipped with a  side basket for troublesome items

Glutton med sidekurv

Glutton® allows teams to cover areas more often, thus rendering the city cleaner.

Video of Glutton


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