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The use of Cookies


The use of cookies is done to ensure that you can shop comfortably with us. In order to use our web shop, it will require the creation of a so-called 'session' cookie. This cookie includes managing what products you put in the basket.
If your browser is unable to handle cookies or you have disabled them, unfortunately you can not shop through our webshop. You can see the rest of our website but you can not use the web store.
You are, of course, very welcome to make your order by e-mail.
What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small data file that is placed on your own computer's hard drive. A cookie is not an application and can not read or destroy data from your computer.
Only the site that has placed a cookie on your hard drive can read the cookie content again. A cookie can not be used by viruses or similar to harm your computer.
You can read more about cookies at .
You can delete your cookies on your computer. In Internet Explorer 6.X cookies are deleted under the "Tools" menu -> "Internet Options" -> "Delete Cookies."
Privacy and Security with Cookies
Cookies must be enabled in your web browser to purchase items online in this store.
By turning on the cookie support in your browser, the store system will allow you to identify yourself, thus ensuring that you are making transactions in your name, while preventing leaks from your private information, as they are stored with you.


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