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Weicon Flex 310M Series

Elastic, strong, abrasive, overpaintable, free of isocyanate and solvents.
In the WEICON Flex 310 M brand, a wide range of high quality adhesives and sealants are available.
WEICON Flex 310 M is one-component products on an MS polymer basis. They are used for permanent elastic bonding and sealing of different materials for themselves or among themselves.
Typical applications are within
  • metalworking, tank and construction
  • car chassis, vehicle, and freight container construction
  • ventilation and air conditioning
  • electrical industry
  • yacht and shipbuilding
  • and in many areas of plastic technology.

High elasticity, excellent adhesion to different materials and good malability ** - These properties offer a wide range of applications in industry. Additionally, all types of WEICON Flex 310 M have a natural hardening, are free of solvents and isocyanates, as well as substances that disturb lacquer wipes, for example. silicone.

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